“Twenty-Two” by Allison Trowbridge

“Twenty-Two: Letters to a Young Woman Searching for Meaning” by Allison Trowbridge Pages: 288. Published: April 4th 2017. Find this review on Amazon| Goodreads MY SYNOPSIS A collection of 22 letters written by Allison to a fictional character called Ashley that is looking for mentorship . In those, the author shares her experiences, hopes, fears, failures, and victories … More “Twenty-Two” by Allison Trowbridge

Lo que no te dijeron acerca de cumplir tus sueños

Hace algunas semanas, tuve la oportunidad de ver la película “La La Land”. Me resulta difícil expresar cuál es la razón por la que la amo más, así que ni siquiera lo intentaré. Me quedan cortas las palabras. Simplemente, te contaré una de mis escenas favoritas, que me marcó me sentí muy muy identificada con … More Lo que no te dijeron acerca de cumplir tus sueños

“Abandoned Faith” by Alex Mcfarland and Jason Jimenez

“Abandoned Faith: Why Millennials Are Walking Away and How You Can Lead Them Home” by Alex Mcfarland and Jason Jimenez Pages: 288. Published: March 1st 2017. Genre: non-fiction, Christian. Find this review on Amazon | Goodreads MY SYNOPSIS Millennials (hose born between 1980 and 2000) are struggling to find their place in church and faith for different reasons … More “Abandoned Faith” by Alex Mcfarland and Jason Jimenez

“Forensic Faith” by James Warner Wallace

“Forensic Faith: A Cold-Case Detective Helps You Rethink and Share Your Christian Beliefs” by James Warner Wallace Pages: 256. Expected publication: May 1st. 2017. Find this review on Amazon | Goodreads MY SYNOPSIS Forensic Faith will show you the importance of becoming a case maker for Christianity, and it will help you develop a strategy to do … More “Forensic Faith” by James Warner Wallace

“The Illusionist’s Apprentice” by Kristy Cambron

“The Illusionist’s Apprentice” by Kristy Cambron Pages: 368. Published: March 2017. Find this review on Amazon | Goodreads MY SYNOPSIS It all starts when a supposedly magician claims he can bring a dead man back to life. After his show on New Year’s Eve, one man is dead and another stands charged with his murder. How could Agent Elliot Matthews find … More “The Illusionist’s Apprentice” by Kristy Cambron